Trails Challenge 2012 - East Bay Regional Parks

In all of my searching for new hiking trails on the internet, I looked up the East Bay Regional Parks and found this awesome free program, Trails Challenge 2012 that the EBRP and Kaiser Permanente provide to the East Bay.  It's a program that promotes a healthy lifestyle for people.  There are certain qualifications and goals you have to meet but it is certainly doable, complete five of the listed trails or complete 26.2 miles of hiking.  We are planning to do the five closest trails to home because car rides haven't been too popular these days with our kids.

They provide a nice trails app, free t-shirt, and with completion of the trails a nifty little pin.  I really like this because it gave us more information to near by trails and to explore the East Bay in more detail.  We haven't completed any of the hikes yet because we just signed up but have until December 1, 2012 so we better start hiking!! Happy hiking everyone!!