Amazon Gardening and Culture Differences

Tuesday, October 9, 2007:  It rained most of the night so that keep the temperature down so we could sleep comfortably.  We gardened my grandmother's backyard for most of the morning, moving plants from their random locations to more organized rows of corn, beans, tomatoes, peanuts and other plants.  My grandmother is rather elderly so she just throws the seeds on the ground and hope they'd grow, so being good grandchildren of hers, Jesse and I arranged the sprouted plants better.

After my cousin Janette returned from work, the three of us visited my mom's friend, Luz and her husband again.  On the way to Luz's house we all thought we were being kidnapped again because not even my cousin recognized the motocarro's route, it ended up that he took the long way.  I'm quoting Jesse from our journal, "Being a gringo here is tough, all the motos, when they see me coming, charge an extra 20-50 centavos (7-10 cents) for a ride." Overall, it's really not a big deal to us but the principal of charging us extra because my husband is a white American.

We went swimming and enjoyed some delicious chicken with caramelized onions, rice and giant pieces of avocado.  Afterwards we looked at some pictures, talked and used their home internet.  I took a picture of a picture of my mother when she lived in Iquitos many years ago.  My mother, Milca Bravo (then Garcia) is the girl to the right of the girl with the volleyball.  That's my mother, she's so pretty.

After our visit, we went home for awhile, I had long conversations with my grandmother and got ready to go out to the movies.  It was discount day at the movies, so the theaters were very crowded and we couldn't get tickets for another two hours.  We walked around the Plaza de Armas and then to the Amazon Riverfront.  No one goes indoors until past 11 p.m. because it's just too hot, so there were tons of people out and about.  After a while we stopped for a pitcher of Maracuya juice.

Somewhere on the Riverfront
Two hours had finally gone by and we got into our movie, "Licensed to Wed" per Janette's request.  I was so happy to go to the movies, thinking they had air conditioning.  Alas, 200 people squished in a room with 4 ceiling fans, let's just say I eventually stopped sweating.  The movie was in English with subtitles in Spanish and the moving was really funny and to this day I love watching this movie.

A funny incident happened during the movie, jokes.  Jokes don't translate well from one language to another, well Robin Williams is a priest in this movie and is joking something about "Coveting thy neighbors wife" and jugs of milk, etc.  It was a funny joke so Jesse and I started laughing really loud until we realized we are the only two people laughing in the whole theater because the joke didn't make sense in Spanish, which caused me to start laughing hysterically and I couldn't control myself for 10 minutes. Oh culture differences.  The movie ended and off we went home.