Thanksgiving Hikes - Hayward Regional Shoreline

The second hike we did over the Thanksgiving weekend was

Hayward Regional Shoreline

.  This hike was #4 hike of the

2012 Trails Challenge

.  We only have one more hike to go before December 1st.  I hope we can do it!

At the beginning of the hike was a little disappointing, because the view was of dried salt marshes, a landfill and a factory in the background.  The scenery got better as the hike went along.

On flat trails we've decided to take the jogging stroller and let the kids walk, for two reasons. One, they are really heavy and if they see the carriers they want to be carried and not walk.  Two, we want them to start training to actually hike so we can go backpacking next spring and in Argentina in late 2013.  Our son was being silly, tried to catch a ride on the stroller.

San Francisco Skyline is in the background, from Hayward Shoreline.  The shoreline used to harvest salt, but the restored it to its natural state. There were so many birds, flying right above the water like in Jurassic Park.

The tide coming in.  Our son enjoyed throwing rocks off of this bridge into the water.  Our daughter wanted out of the stroller but the bridge railings had big enough gaps that she could fall through, so she stayed strapped in her stroller.

My son, you know he used to be a baby model.

The only bird I could catch on my iPhone, it ducked underwater right before I took this picture or else it would have come out closer to me.  There were so many birds there.  It was very pretty to see.

Hayward Regional Shoreline Sunset.  So pretty!! I haven't downloaded our hiking statistics yet, so that will be coming up soon.  I think we hiked about 5.4 miles.  My husband and I sprinted most of the way back.  I was pushing the stroller and my husband ran with our son on his shoulders.  The kids were a little tired by then, but they enjoyed it thoroughly.

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