Dublin Hills Regional Park

Hiking yesterday. Nothing big, just a small hike with the family and my good friend Wendy and her baby in tow, at 

Dublin Hills Regional Park

. This hike was No. 3 out of 5 hikes needed to complete the

2012 Trails Challenge

from the

East Bay Regional Park District

. Starting this post with my hiking information first.

Distance: 3.21 Miles    Elevation Gain: 232 Ft (Start 886 ft - Max: 1102 ft)

The staging area (Parking Lot) was fairly brand new with a very "parent friendly" bathroom with diaper changing tables in the bathrooms, very rare to see at the other East Bay Regional Parks.  There were a few picnic tables, a kiosk, everything looked brand new.

After collecting everything we needed we started off on a low grade uphill climb with "switchbacks" to get to the ridge.  My son was fascinated with the drainage run-off that followed the trail.

We hiked along brand new homes, which Jesse tried to Zillow but even Zillow could not find them since they were so new.  It was a cold day, it would get a little warmer when the sun wasn't blocked by the clouds.  The whole hike was on the Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail. Here we are at the "Summit".

We were attempting to make David hike this entire hike and so far we were managing but with some complaining of course.  My friend had some unexpected business to attend to so she had to leave but it was nice having her come.  We continued hiking down into this little valley where David found a pond.

We saw some cows off in the distance and realized we were going to hike right through a their pasture.  My daughter Sophia was so excited to see the cows she started mooing, she's only 13 months old.  David was excited to see them too and wanted to shake the cows hand because that's what Grover 2.0 does on Sesame Street and what they they do on TV Petting Zoos.  I told him that we could wave to the cows but not shake their hands.

A panoramic view of were we stopped for snacks and did our turn around.  There were cows all around us mooing, David and Sophia were amused and scared at the same time.

Sophia is resisting arrest.  Jesse got her to put on her bunting.  It was getting chilly.

Classic David.  Both kids were really determined to hike back up the hill in the drainage.  Overall it was a good easy hike.  Until next time.

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