My Backyard Hike - Coyote Hills Regional Park

Impromptu local Fremont hike at Coyote Hills Regional Park during the evening sunset.  All these pictures were taken via iPhone and I used a nifty photo filter app called BeFunky for more artistic effect.

My son throwing rocks over the cliff, we made sure there weren't any people below.

Our family shadow, I'm the first one on the left carrying Sophia, my son David, and then Jesse to the right.

The San Francisco Bay, looking towards Dumbarton Bridge.  The bay was not too smelly today.

We packed up the kids and headed out to Coyote Hills in Fremont today.  A quick two-ish mile hike, not too hot or cold, a little windy, lots of bicyclist out on the paved trails.  Talked about future hiking in Argentina with my husband, listened to my 11 month old daughter attempting to say "elephant", and enjoyed my son's excitement as all the bicyclists zoomed by us.

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