Gear Review: Vasque Breeze Ultradry Hiking Boots

Last year, we decided to purchase our barely two year old son REAL hiking boots.  We thought we were a little crazy but we were so tired of our son complaining of cold, wet, muddy athletic shoes during our hikes.  My husband was not too excited to drop $70+ on toddler hiking boots (my son was growing like a weed) that could possibly be grown out of in a few months.  We realized it was worth the investment and we rationalized our purchase with the idea that our daughter (3 months at the time) could use them as well in the future.

Brand new out of the box! January 2011

After researching all the best possible toddler hiking boots we purchased, Vasque Breeze Ultradry Hiking Boots since they were one of the brands that made smaller hiking boots, thanks +Vasque Footwear !  The smallest size they made was Toddler Size 10, which was perfect because we always purchase our son's shoes two sizes bigger than his actual size.  Any parent knows the second you buy a pair of shoes for your children, they instantly grow.

First hike in his Vasque Breeze Ultradry

These hiking boots gets the Chasqui Mom Toughness Seal of Approval!  These boots have survived miles and miles of hiking, many days camping and backpacking, not to mention lots of rainy days, international travel and rough wear on the trail.  My son increased his hiking mileage in the in the last year and a half from one mile to five miles and I'm certain that the increase in mileage was in part due to his Vasque boots.  

Still looking good after a year and a half! - June 2013


 - Vasque's Ultradry breathable mesh
 - Waterproof
 - Heal loop for easy removal
 - Lightweight boot
 - Smallest size (in this version) Toddler Size 10
 - Durable leather

One of the best attributes of these boots is the fact that they are TRULY waterproof, well as much as you can get!  At some point over the last year, my son figured out that his boots were waterproof and could splash in puddles, shallow creeks and not get his feet wet.  Occasionally, he would actually submerge his boots in puddles/creeks but they would dry quickly compared to his athletic shoes.

+Vasque Footwear has recently come out with the new version Breeze 2.0 Kids Ultradry Hiking Boots,  which we haven't had the pleasure of buying but if it's a better version of the original then it's something to definitely look into.  Version 2.0 is approximately $79.95  at most outdoor retail stores.  You can still find select shoe sizes for the original Breeze Ultradry Hiking Boots at outdoor retailer clearance racks.  That is one clearance rack sale I would definitely support!

During one of our last hikes, before our big road trip, our son complained that his toes were hurting him and after a quick check we new it was time to say goodbye to his beloved first pair of boots and save them for our daughter once she grows into them.  Thanks to +Vasque Footwear for allowing my boy to really enjoy the trails with these awesome hiking boots.

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